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Car Rentals San Diego


For car rentals, San Diego turns increasingly to the new reigning champion in quick service in a convenient location: Rent A Car Right A Way.

Arriving at the airport in San Diego means the rush to baggage retrieval, the familiar routine of following signs, and feeling like a member of a swarm, often leaving you in a tizzy. You'll be glad that our rental location at 1025 W. Laurel St., is just 5 short minutes away. In addition to convenient proximity to the Airport, we’re equally close to the Cruise Ship Terminal.

If you need to arrive at our location by other means, parking won’t be a problem. With over 500 spaces in our lot, sliding easily into your space will be the easy first step on the way to a great trip. Easy San Diego car rental can be the second.

You may be accustomed to a little surprise when you arrive at the rental desk, but at Rent A Car Right A Way, one thing is always consistent: Your car is new, and in great shape. Just because you’re turning to the car rentals San Diego trusts for low rates, but that doesn’t mean we scrimp on quality. Even at as low as $21 per day, you’ll be behind the wheel of a car you’ll love.

But it’s not just our low prices that make our business stand out from other providers of car rental in San Diego. On the contrary, our uniquely friendly service makes renting a car enjoyable. Even returns are streamlined. Both rental and return of rental cars San Diego (and our drop-off point in Los Angeles) are available 24-hours a day, and even in the dead of night, our attendants carry your luggage onto the your airport transportation as you begin your trip home. It doesn’t matter what time your redeye departure is!

Visit our contact page, or call us at (619) 238-2488.