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Long term car rentals

Long term car rentals mean bigger savings. For rentals of 30 days to 11 months, our long-term rental plan offers tremendous value. Enjoy serious savings up to $75 a month off our already low monthly rates. The longer you rent, the more you save! And there is no charge for one qualified additional driver.

Other benefits of our long-term car rental:


One of the greatest benefits of reserving one of our rental cars for your long-term rental is the amount of time that this convenient mode of transportation allows you to save. Public transportation can be extremely crowded and time consuming. You have to arrange your schedule around planned routes and bus stops that are often not convenient to your location. In addition, taking taxi cabs around town can become very costly and add up quickly.


We guarantee unlimited milage on your rental car with your plain ticket present at the time of pick up. That means you do not have to spend your time worrying that you are going to go over a certain mileage limit and then pay additional charges! Otherwise, you can have 250 free miles with your rental car, each day.